Regional LTL

Pinch Flatbed’s scheduled LTL service provides the greatest value in oil field transportation. With overnight service from Houston to Louisiana, Oklahoma and twice a week service to the Rocky Mountain States and South Texas, our LTL system offers a level of reliability and speed unmatched in the industry

Pinch Flatbed can deliver virtually all time-sensitive shipments requiring special attention, whether domestic or international, importing or exporting. And our customers can track their orders by logging into the Pinch website. Our online tracking system keeps clients informed about shipments and in control of the delivery process every step of the way.


Pinch’s Smart-Shot is the best value around in the oilfield. Smart-Shot rivals the speed of a true hotshot service at a fraction of the cost. Pinch will pick up your LTL shipment as late as 5 p.m. and guarantee delivery before noon the next day. Use your head. Use Smart-Shot.

Pinch LTL Service Map
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